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Upholstery cleaning

It’s highly likely that your upholstered sofa and chairs are covered in pollen, dust and many various types of germs. Furniture can trap dust, dirt and allergens in fibers. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned routinely will not only help extend the life of your furniture it will simply - keep your home healthier.

We pump hot water into your upholstery to release any dirt, then extract the water to remove the dirt from deep within. When our hot water extraction method activates with heat, it instantly removes unwanted debris and leaves your upholstery germ free.

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Complete the last & probably the most important step to your home's cleaning.

Weekly vacuuming may partially remove left behind fallen bread crumbs, some insects and other bits & pieces but it's important to be aware that it does not completely clean and leave carpets germ-free. Dry carpet cleaning only keeps germs lingering and extra dull over time.


If improving your home's overall health and air quality is an important concern, hot water extraction carpet cleaning services are required and can only be provided by a professional carpet cleaning company. The cleaning agents we use are so effective, when they come in contact with hot steam, it instantly purifies your home's air.

The end results leave carpets germ free and improve overall health & air quality.

Get ahead on your family's health by scheduling your personalized carpet cleaning today!

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